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I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2000 with 1st class honours in BA (hons) Design and Applied Arts, majoring in jewellery and silversmithing.  I worked in Germany at a placement at Manu, Hameln, and after graduating was Artist in Residence at ECA.  I didn't study art in High School so took the long route to Art College by first taking an evening course to create a portfolio to get me into a year Portfolio course in Aberdeen, and this helped me gain entry into ECA. The long route can sometimes be the best route.

Country Living Magazine


In 2011 I won 'Best Artist' in Country Living Magazine's first ever Kitchen Table Talent award. I won this for my unique wire drawings which I had been developing for the previous 5 years.  I came across the idea whilst drawing the animals at the Highland Wildlife Park.  As animals do, they never stood still which influenced my drawings to become continuous line. I then thought about how I could replicate this using a line of wire and found my jewellery binding wire. The technique I have developed has expanded greatly from an initial 3 cm bird to more recently a 1 metre boat.



I love drawing, this picture is A0 size and was sold at the Compass Gallery graduate exhibition.  I was very fortunate to have excellent tuition throughout my college course when some design subjects dropped drawing.  I love to go out and draw from real, and you may find me at the harbour drawing the boats on a sunny day.